B&P Resin Solutions Photo Gallery

A selection of our best work.

Home design

Resin Floor Home

The resin flooring is one of the best choices to give a unique design to your home. It’s a seamless solution, which connects spaces and allows limitless decorative effects: the result is amazing!

Business Solutions

Office resin flooring

The resin floor will impress all of your clients, with its unique and unrepeatable decorative effects. We offer a very wide range of colors, so that you can integrate your new floor with furniture and company corporate colors.

Resin floors are also easy to maintain and clean.

Furniture and decorations

Resin painting

With resin, the limit is only your imagination! B&P Resin Solutions also offers seamless linings that are ideal for decorating your home’s walls and creating unique furnishings.

Industrial resin flooring

Industrial Resin Flooring

Our resin floors are one of the best solutions in the industry, thanks to its technical characteristics and high resistance.